Help For Quick Small Site

Help For Quick Small Site
I already have a template, but the graphics and links need to be updated. I need someone to “make it pop”. I also have an additional file that can be used for content, images, and such from one of my affiliate programs. I would need to do some rewording and moving around of information but everything here can be used without copyright infringement. There might be a need for more than just one page so a blank template for added pages later on would be nice. I know who to upload to the host server and to make basic changes. I just hate dealing with making it look professional with graphics, background etc.

I will actually have multiple websites based off the same template. (The First Attachment) If we work well together, there will be several projects coming.

I would like to use powerlinkgenerator to track my links and it requires a little coding. Instructions will be sent upon bid acceptance. I can also send some images and such from the other affiliate website information.

Also need auto responder code embedded.

I need this project done very quickly as it should be fairly simple for programmers. I have included much of the main text content which will be changed and moved around I am sure.

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