Anonymousblog Site And Gdesign

Anonymousblog Site And Gdesign is a site dedicated to the 3 G’s (Good, Giving, and Gratitude). Each day, we want people anonymously posting something they did for themselves (Good) and others (Giving) as well as coming to a self-realization of something previously take for granite (gratitude).

For this to happen, we need a site that allows people to go to the site, and post their three G’s. We want the site SIMPLE. No logging in. We just want them to quickly post their thoughts, read others, and move on.

We also want a cool graphic displaying “GGGMe” at the top of the site (we want it to be attractive and powerful, we’d be happy to see multiple designs). The site will be one page, and if you’ve created a site like this before, it should be pretty easy!

Thank you and good luck!!!

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