Music Database For Composer

Music Database For Composer
Create a database of music and video files with a user interface that allows me to make customizable playlists (in html table form) with embedable code for me to cut and paste into websites. Html not flash. I need the tables to be indexable by google.

1. I’d like to be able to upload data as in the attached file.

2. When outputing a playlist, i’d like the option of choosing the fields

3. The resulting code would allow viewers of the website to click on column headers to sort the info on the page.

4. The links to media would bring up pop up windows like the media links on this page: [look at the ones at the top of the page] If you can suggest a way to do this with flash, like a popup flash player that would play either video or audio, that would be great.

I realize that something like this might already exist. So i’m looking.

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