Need A Blogg Made Asap.. 2

Need A Blogg Made Asap.. 2
Hi Guys

I need a blog made for a CPA offer the same as


________________________to run on autopilot__________________________

It needs to have download buttons in the same place, related content terms and conditions privacy policy, contact us etc
Our blog needs to have 7 tabs same as the link above and also fill those tabs with content and provide the same disclaimer at the bottom of the blog in the link. it must be SEO optimized have content and videos from you tube relating to it. You will need to also install this blog to our matrix server so we can roll it out at once

this blog needs to clone the the blog link provided above
We needs strong keywords for a Google Adwords campaign to be attached to it so you need to insert Google’s coding and also we will provide the CPA network code so we can trace that too.

very simple task need it done A.S.A.P

will need to see a sample of your work to qualify and also have good feedback from other SL members

If successful we will make this a regular project

good luck

Quote me happy 🙂

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