Web Css Xhtml Jquery-guru

Web Css Xhtml Jquery-guru

I have bought a license of a music website script. The design and layout in general is OK, but I need it stunning, perfect, apple-like, itunes-like, simple, perfect! 🙂

Need you to redesign the website at http://betaDOTrefrainDOTcom, replace “DOT” with “.”. Basically skinning. I want you if you are DIRECTLY the developer, not a big company, I only want a single person designer – a man or woman available via instant messaging and ready to start. Creative and fresh. I have collected graphics, gradients, icons and so on that I ask you to use as the basis for my design. It should give you a feeling what I want and should make you fulfill this job faster. Attached… Please take a look.

If you have a clue of JQuery, even better. Again, no job reseller bids, please only the direct one person websdesigner that will work WITH me.

The site must be valid css and xhtml and must work fine in IE6+, FF and Safari. I also prefer CSS and Text over Images whenever possible.

You can log in with username “iternity” and password “testing”.

My folder as the design basis is, again, attached. 🙂 Thank you!

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