Gambirshop Design 2

Gambirshop Design 2
I already register a domain and hosting for my site since long time ago but have no time to kick start the project.
But now I am ready and looking for someone to design a SEO friendly website to sell my products.
There is only 1 products but of 3 different packaging. So people can choose which one they want to purchase. The details of the product can be found online easily.

In order to sell,I need an ecommerce site which can have opt in box also. Payment gateway shall be Paypal and also local payment gateway:

The site already has the magento installed there but not configured. You can choose to continue using this freeware to develop my site or you can use others like Joomla or anything you prefer to develop my site. In short I require the followings to be done for me:

1. setting up an ecommerce site
2. set up payment gateway, both Paypal and NBepay
3. content write up which is SEO friendly and convincing
4. an opt in form for people to receive my newsletter (I will provide you the coding for the form from
5. graphic design for the website (however I will provide you with the photos of the gambir with 3 different packaging)

In other words, I need someone who is able to set up the whole site for me to sell immediately.

Pls I want the project to be done in 7 days time.


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