Website Required

Website Required
Hello everyone. I am looking for a new website. I have a couple of sites in mind that I like the look of, so want to use those as the basis of the design. Basically this is the site I like, and will suit our business: Also I like the way the Apple ( site is laid out, the menu on that is excellent, as is the way the content is in boxes with rounded corners. I will also need a few images making, although I can make many of them myself, I do need a couple making that feature a net catching something. The Ellen site is also a site I am looking to have a similar look to. Address for that site is: Finally I like the menu on this site, and want similar: It is a dhtml menu, and I want that kind of menu, so that I can then edit it myself in the future. That menu was made in SourceTec Sothink DHTML menu 8. I also want the site to be editable by myself in the future, so dont want the code to be too sophisticated. I am only a basic web guy who makes a few sites as a hobby. I dont know how to code properly and cant edit some of the more sophisticated stuff out there.

The company also doesnt have a logo as yet, so a logo may need to be designed too.

I am happy to leave the money for this project in escrow. We dont have a big budget so please bear that in mind also.

Site will probably have around 8 to 10 pages.

Cheers and good luck.

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