Desinger & Install Header Ect.

Desinger & Install Header Ect.
Im looking for a professional custom flash header for and I would like some color added to the buttons like Home,Register ect. the color on the buttons must show up on all pages. Right where it says default banner position with the blue box I would like that to say (your ad here) and where it says Bid Win Own auctions are active between 9:00am and 23:00PM EST Time I would like to have that changed to (All Auctions on Bite A Win run 24/7)

For flash header design I want a shark that comes and bites the edge of a flat screen TV and I would like the items to be in water and I would like some coral and crabs,Starfish and fish on the header too, Header must also have the words Bite A Win on it. I will send some sample products that I would like to be on the header like TV, Ipod, Snowboard, Mustang symbol, Apple Computer ect.

The attached file has some of the example items that I want on the header.

A good example of a header I want is at

I want atleast 5 examples for the header to choose from.

Job must be very professinal and I have a few other websites that Im going to be working on and I may consider you again if Im happy with the job.

All Bidders must be able to Contact me by phone and speak clear english so I can better explain on what I want done.

Full payment will be sent when work is done and installed on my site, Money will be sent by Paypal.

So here is the 4 things I want done to make it Clear:

Flash Header with 5 examples.

Color added to the buttons.

Change the blue default banner position box to say (Your Ad Here)

And change the time to say (all Bid A Win Auctions are run 24/7)

Please PMB me with the 4 things that I want done.

Thanks Troy.

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