Solution Needed Embedded Audio

Solution Needed Embedded Audio
We are a record company and well sell MP3s directly form our site. We have a series of resellers who we also want to be able to sell MP3s from their websites. They need to receive credit for each song sold. One of the best ways to get people to buy MP3s is to let them hear them first via an audio player.

We want to provide our resellers with an embedded audio player within their own webpage. Each audio player has to have a unique URL link for each song in the playlist. The way we plan to do this is similar to how YouTube provides the “Embed” link for each video. This would let an affiliate simply cut and paste the code directly into their own website.

The problem that we want solved however is that we need an embedded audio player which is configurable via HTML / Javascript like code. It needs to be HTML / Javascript so that the affiliate can easily cut and paste it onto their site. Also because when the affiliate logs into our system the code for the individual audio player will be generated on the fly depending on which affiliate is logged in.

On the net we can find a load of really nice audio players but each of them we have found is not configurable to the level we want it. Most of them use configuration files (for example ). These are fine if there is only one player but we want multiple players on multiple reseller sites. To ask an affiliate to copy a unique configuration file to their own site is too much hassle for them.

Our requirements for configurability are

– Each song in the playlist of the player must have a button next to it which says “Buy MP3”. This must be a link to unique URL next to it (the affiliates code will be embedded in each URL so when the clicks “buy this song” the Reseller will get the credit)
– As an “nice to have” we would also like to have the ability to play video in the player
– As an another “nice to have” it would be good If we could put a generic unique URL somewhere in the player like the “Get Album” link on the player on

The audio player we use must work on all browsers. Flash is OK as long as it’s a commonly installed version. We don’t the user to have to install any plug-ins that are not commonplace.

Its possible this could be 10 minutes on google to find the answer to this. But I couldn’t find it. Payment upon delivery of the solution.

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