Create 3 Page Peels 500×500

Create 3 Page Peels 500×500
I need 3 500 x 500 page peels for advertising.

Each page peels need to have a different background
who is about making money online, working from home
and rich and luxurious lifestyle.

-Rick & Luxurious background, work from home and make money online
-Need to have like a mom or dad work at home or on the internet…


Page peels #1: Découvrez comment créer votre entreprise sur Internet!
Page peels #2: Cliquez ici pour découvrir comment faire de l’argent en ligne!
Page peels #3: Un jeune de 23 ans gagne 55,000 euros/mois, découvrez comment il fait!

I need an expert and a fast turn around.

Ready to fund escrow,

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