Neondollars Affiliate Program

Neondollars Affiliate Program
I would like to find someone who can help setting up this adult webcam Affiliate program. The link below will tell you what is required. If you can do this supply me with a price and once I accept I will supply you with a Domain name to use.

This is what is needed to setup the Affiliate Program:
The purpose of co-branded sites is to make you able to provide the content of using your own graphics, domain and design elements. We will provide the full technical environment and server background. You only need to get a domain name. this is the free sample site that can be used. But would perfer one that looks like Check out to see how our webmasters are using this powerful tool.

Basic steps to set up your own co-branded site:

Register a domain name.
Set our server IP address ( as “A record”.
Set up the following sub-domains: www, member, static. Make sure that these domains refer to the same IP address.
Type the chosen domain name at the co-branded admin interface (without www).
This is all you need to do to start the website. Of course further modifications might be necessary in case you would like to fine tune the website. You can find detailed information about these topics in the submenus.
I’m told this is about 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours worth of work for someone who nows what there doing. And that leaves me out LOL. So only bid if you have gone to the links and understand what is needed.

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