Penny/reverse/xpress Auctions

Penny/reverse/xpress Auctions
Dear Programmers,

I am happy i have found out about this website,and i hope this is the right place for me to get what our company needs:

We need a website exactly like mean we need it to support the same auctions types,and to have the same features).This means that it has to include the folowing:

-Express(Reveal Price) Auctions(Most important)
-Penny Auctions
-Reverse Auctions

We would like the Platform to be built in PHP-MYSQL,with good graphic design(that can be perfected as we go.

Please note that we need this project completed by the middle of February,and due to this fact,a programmer that can provide a fully functional demonstration of a simillar web application(this would mean front-end/back-end),to be reviewed by our in-house programmer,will gain much more chances to be chosen as the winner of this project.

Please,do not bid if you don’t have a clear picture about what we require exactly.

PS:a demo would really help very much,for the both parts.

Thank you very much,and good luck bidding!

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