We currently provide support services to accountancy firms throughout Ireland. The support services provided can be broken down into two categories:
1. Technical training.
2. Compliance support services
To assist our clients with compliance support services we are going to provide a range of compliance resources via a subscription only website. The major part of the site will be accessed on a subscription only basis. Therefore one part of the site will be visible to the general public but major part will be password protected. Annually clients will pay a subscription fee and will be issued with a user name and password. Initially the subscription will be by cheque via mail to our office from where the username and password will issue. Therefore “ecommerce” functionality will not initially be required.

The website will consist largely of online articles, downloadable documents and spreadsheets. I would envisage that when people log onto the site the home page would show the following options:

General section of website would include;
1. Home page
2. Upcoming courses page.
3. Complinace support packages
4. Our Services page
5. Inhouse training course details page.
6. Log in for members
The general section of the site would be available to the general public.

Password protected section of site would include:
q Audit resources
o Resources here will be mainly word and excel documents available for download.
q Practice management
o Mainly downloadable documents and online articles.
q Compliance alerts.
q Technical Bulletins
q Allow for other pages to be added at latter point in time by this office.

The developer will be required to initially load the site on our hosting service.

Site requirements

The site will need to meet the following criteria:

1. Very quick download.
2. In the future advertisements may be included on the site and this needs to be built into the design.
3. The website should present a very professional appearance and style. Nothing flashy or cheap.
4. The site should be very simple to use and very clearly presented. What we want to sell to our clients is the concept that the site offers significant resources to assist them in meeting their compliance obligation. We are selling resources that just happen to be available via a website. Most of the resources could as easily be available via CDROM but a website is more efficient medium.
5. We would need to be able to manage the website in-house on a day to day basis. Such tasks as adding downloadable information (in PDF, word, powerpoint and excel format).
6. Facility required to block users who do not renew their subscription at the end of their first 12 months.
7. All text for site would be provided to developer in word format.
8. We would have to be able to control access via a simple password system.

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