Marketing Video Required

Marketing Video Required
I have written the (suggested) script but I am not good at making marketing videos, I just don’t have the voice for that. I want to hire a pro to do it for me.

The video will be to explain the image attached and the suggested script for the video is below. Please bid if you would like to make this video for me and show examples of your previous work if possible.

___Suggested Video Script___

In this video I am going to show you how all the Viral Marketing Method tools work together to perpetuate the promotion of your marketing campaigns.

A “Twitter Form” sits on a “squeeze page” offering a “free gift” download of value. Visitors can simply click “Tweet” and be redirected to a page to download the free gift.

When they do this, 2 things happen.

1. They follow you on twitter
2. They tweet a message to their followers about your page.

This creates a loop of traffic as their visitors tweet your message to get the download.

Your download page can also contain a subscription form for your mailing list, or you can add subscription as an interim step to getting to the download page.

Soon we may upgrade the tweet forms to give you (and your visitors) the option to also subscribe to your mailing list when they click tweet (taking the email address directly from their twitter account and subscribing it to your 3rd party autoresponder, when they allow the VMM app).

This is a very common marketing system that is often used to great success by marketers, you get a targeted lead subscribed to your twitter feed and perhaps on your mailing list too, and as they subscribe they promote your page to their friends and followers on twitter.

The next step is to plug a “cloaked feed” into both these marketing outlets to perpetuate the promotion of the product.

Probably the main reason why most affiliate marketers fail to make any money is because They either only promote a winning product once and not long enough to find out it is a winner or They spent too much time and too many resourses promoting a loser.

The feed cloaking tool allows you to use the merchants content, his blog posts, his articles, his videos etc to promote your own affiliate link for the product he is trying to sell in the messages.

You can set things up so that cloaked feed items will automatically post to your twitter account and become a part of the newsletter you set to automatically send to your mailing list.

So, you will always be sure of promoting the winners and if you end up promoting a loser, it does not really matter, as it’s not you spending your time or money on the promoting the product, you are simply building a targeted resourse of traffic and allowing merchants to market to it for a commission.

This is a much smarter way to try to make money as an affiliate.

There’s even more ways this marketing system can generate traffic for you.

Every feed item link contains your affiliate cookie and the Viral Toolbar. The Viral Toolbar contains a link to your Viral Marketing method Profile page, targeted texts ads easy tweeting and social bookmarking buttons. If anyone tweets or bookmarks the page, they do so through your cloaked affiliate link!

This is the closest thing you are ever going to get to a “Traffic & Money Pump”. It’s a simple system that automatically promotes and markets itself. The idea is that you use it to run “long term tests” on several affiliate products in several niche markets, building targeted traffic through twitter and your mailing lists, in each niche as you go.

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