Flash Record Label Website

Flash Record Label Website
I need a flash website for my upcoming record label. I’m producing rock and hip hop music. I need a talented designer and developer/company.

The website needs to have an ecommerce section where people can buy digital downloads and actual cds. The non-digital downloads need to have a shipping charge on them also. Basically, what a normal ecommerce site can do. There will also be a downloads section where people can download music, screen savers, and some videos. I would like the video to play in the background and everything disappears.

I’m not a professional so I would want my website to have an admin panel where I can edit pages, add content and manage the ecommerce part of the site (add/remove products etc). Adding content meaning downloads (screen savers, music, video, wallpapers etc).

Here’s some more information about the design and functionality.

– Full width and height, basically takes up the size of the browser. Completely flash.
– Black/white grayish theme which is a bit elegant.

– Navigation and other info should be on the sides/bottom.
– When playing a video, options should come up bottom of the screen like play button and stop. And the video would play in the background so everything will hide (Not only when stopped, users should be able to do other things while playing music or a video).
– Have a downloads section where I can have music, screensavers, wallpapers, and other things for download. I should be able to add/remove through an admin section.
– For ecommerce, I will be mainly selling digital downloads or actual cds. So the ecommerce part of the site should have shipping charges as well, basically the main functions a ecommerce site has. For digital downloads, if possible I would like a system where customers can download right away.
– Also for ecommerce, customers should be able to register so their info is saved. Check out options should include PayPal (Would like a credit card option as well).
– It does seem a lot but I can think of 6 pages where the content will be spread out. Home, Music, Downloads, Shop, About, and Contact.

I would also like no copyright on the site since I would like this to be professional (Not the right click copyright either). I’m not very familiar with flash at all so that’s why I would like an admin panel where I can edit anything on the pages. I already have a logo and hosting so just need the main site. Here’s a friend’s website I liked and would like the design and functionality to be similar; http://www.24hourkarateschool.com/

That should be enough information for the basics of the site. I’d like the site to be completed in 2-3 weeks if it’s possible.

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