Reverse Auction Website Lawn

Reverse Auction Website Lawn
Website Function

The function of the website is to connect individuals and businesses, which require lawn mowing services, to lawn care providers in their area (United States only). Lawn care providers, through an open/reverse auction format, will bid for the opportunity to perform the service. Individuals and businesses will then be allowed to choose their lawn care provider.

Home Page

The home page should be clean and organized with a brief summary of what the website is all about

Should include links to an “about us” page, a “contact page”, an “FAQ” page, and a “demo” page. The demo page will contain a video on how to use the site

It will give the users three options: Register as a new bidder, register as a new customer, or sign in as an existing user. All customers and bidders will be required to accept the “terms of use” which will alleviate the company of any liability.

Once users register for an account, they will receive an email with their login ID and password.


Customers, once they register for use of the site, will be able to log on to and enter the details for the property they want mown. These details will include digital pictures, measurements, address, and mowing frequency. The duration of each auction will be 72 hours.

A rating system for the bidders/lawn care providers will be in place. Customers will be able to rate the lawn care providers, 0-5 stars, and write reviews on previously provided service.

Customers, at the end of the auction, will have the option to accept or decline the bids=no obligation on their part to proceed if they don’t want to.


Bidders, once they register for use of the site, will be able to log on to and enter the zip code for their area. The website will provide all of the properties for bid in their area, within a specified distance (25 miles, 20 miles, etc.)

Bidders will then be able to look at the different properties in their area and make a bid for the job.

Google maps needs to be incorporated into the site so that bidders can see exactly where the property is located.

Bidders will be provided, at their request, a detailed history of their bids: number of bids, number and % of auctions won, etc.

Bidders will be required to provide a valid credit card number before they are able to participate in auction.

Bidders will be charged a transaction fee for each auction where they are chosen as the service provider. 10 free auctions to start, then $3.50 per transaction, but I want to be able to adjust this number in the future. Also, I want to offer a monthly rate where they can pay a flat rate and bid for as many properties as they want.

After the auction

After the auction closes, the customer and all bidders will be notified by email. At that time, the customer will have 24 hours to choose the bidder they desire. They will look at the price and reviews of the bidding companies and make a decision. If they fail to make a decision in the 24 hour period then the auction will expire worthless and be deleted

Other Considerations

Most of the work for the website (tech support, customer service, etc.) will be outsourced, so it is important that all support functions can be accomplished remotely.


I would like the ability to retrieve data from the website, Excel or Access.


I want to create a new “wireless” business that is inexpensive to start up and will more or less operate on its own with minimal maintenance and/or supervision. My background is in Finance, so I will be relying heavily on others to provide technical support. Please give me your most competitive quote.

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