Seo Advisor & Specialist

Seo Advisor & Specialist
I am looking for a SEO advisor and specialist to help me in my project. If you have knowledge of web design even better. I have a real estate website which is not yet fully ready. My business is to advertise houses for rent in Mexico and other locations in Central America and in the Caribbean. I started this business last year and the first stage of the project was to build only the site with villas. I expect this stage to be done by the end of February.
Stage 2 of this project, which could start right now (if it shouldn’t have already started), is to make the website friendly for search engine optimization. This could include the insertion of key words to increase the results on the organic searches as well as little advertisement.
I am looking for a person that could help me with this project either by doing the job or by giving me advice on how to do it myself. I prefer the first option, but that would depend on the cost. I am not expecting to get much income in the first couple of months, if at all, until my site starts to appear in the search engines. Therefore, my initial budget is not high. However, I expect at some point to have 500+ properties, as well as offering other services in those cities such as wedding services etc.
I know this is going to get profitable and therefore I’ll be able and willing to pay more money to the right person as the business grows. Since this is a business that depends 100% of internet search results, this could eventually turn to a part & full time job at some point, which could be discusses when the moment calls for it, and if you are interested of course.
Please contact me if this is something you may be interested in . As I said, the website is not ready, but you can visit my site at

Look forward to hear from you.
Simon Marin

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