Website Design And Creation.

Website Design And Creation.

I would like the website to be very similar to the below in functionality and layout: (this one does not look as good but converts very well)

I am looking for the same functionality and want to be able to have a good backend that is easy to change text, add images, add pages, remove pages etc.
There should be a template design for every new page I want to add, this template will include a “Make Me An Offer” button which takes the customer to the main form to fill in.

The Form that is on the site when completed by a user should send an automatic email to me with the information from the form on it. The information from the Form needs to be stored in some kind of admin area for me to review at a later stage. I would like the form to have the same fields as this one… (fill it in with some dummy information to see the fields required). I want to be able to add fields if necessary and make fields inactive in the back end.

The site needs Google Analytics installed on it, setup so it can record PPC through to a sale (a sale is counted as the form being filled in)

Should be compatible with all main stream browsers.

I want a clear and concise Sitemap.

I will be optimising pages for SEO so will need to be able to change the relevant fields/tags etc.

I will be running Adword campaigns and want to be able to track these easily. So I can see what ad word resulted in a form being filled in.

I can supply text and copy for the site and would need to have the ability to change this in the backend if I wanted to at a later date. For now use the text that is on the other sites and I will change later.

This is the first of many projects like this, the next one has a shopping cart, this one does not need that option. I am happy for you to customise an existing template site as long as it looks good and I own the source code upon completion.

Can you let me know how much this will be and send me a few examples of other sites you have created.

I need the work completed quickly so would like to award this project within 2 days. How long will it take you to complete?

Many thanks

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