Im For Social Engine Script

Im For Social Engine Script
Hi, i need an IM system for Social Engine script (, that would work like Facebook’s IM or Yahoo Email’s IM, in the browser, from the browser, like this: when a user is logged in to his account, he is automatically logged in to the IM, which opens as a Yahoo Messenger looking column to the right of the screen, column that can be minimized, but not closed. So every user logged in is also on IM automatically. All users online should be listed in the IM with option to click on their name and open private chat windows with everyone, also if someone contacts you, a windows should popup with the IM message, and with options to block that user, or add to friends, and if clicked on username, to open the profile in the window. Now, this IM should be omnipresent on all pages, so no matter what page are you on, or navigate away from, the IM should be still and steady in the same spot, just like a shadow. AJAX IM could be a good one, integrated as I explained. Details of the project can be further discussed after the bid, but basically, every user online should be on IM and be able to contact and be contacted in real time by others that are also online. That’s it.

I have seen some integration of the Ajax IM here, but it is not as I would like it, as it opens in a different window and I hate that, it all has to be in the same window, just as Facebook and Yahoo Chat integrated in browser:

No escrow before work, payment after the work is done, and demo provided to me. After that, escrow ok, not before.

!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT BID OVER THE BUDGET PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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