Copy Foundation Of Website

Copy Foundation Of Website
We would like to use’s structure as the basis or foundation of our website. What we need is for someone to create a copy of it with the following parameters. (by the way this is not a cheesy thieving, we just like certain things about how the site works and we think the easiest way is to clone it foundation wise)

1. clone the website but only include 1 home page, no other pages will be needed. we’ll create them as wel go. So in other words, just a one page template is needed.

2. we do want you to leave the images of automobiles that come up when you mouseover the links. this is simply so we can find those images to replace them later.

3. we don’t need any flash. we will hire out the creation of flash later if needed

4. change any functional flash to html / javascript — in other words, it looks like that whole menu is based in flahs. We have absolutely no in house skill with flash so we need you to re create this using another language such as javascript or java.

please ask for more info, I’ve been as complete as I know how to be at this point, but I understand you may have many more questions.

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