Small Website For Vet Practice

Small Website For Vet Practice
Budget: $450-$800
Listing time: To be awarded 30 Jan
Total project length: Must be live within 13 Feb (14 days of being awarded)

The business
Our client is a group of Australian veterinary practices offering a full range of medical services for domestic pets.


The project
We require a small website with generally limited text content but with very high quality graphic design. The site must be welcoming and appealing to pet owners (especially young generation Y families) and effectively advertise the business’ services and e-newsletter.

The site will consist of 5 main pages + 4 sub pages.


The design
The successful bidder will create at least three styles of the template (supplied as jpg or pdf) using the Home Page content. We will provide feedback, and from this you will develop a final design which you will use to create the site.

The design will:
– be modern and stylish
– have obvious, attractive, horizontal navigation
– appeal to pet lovers / owners and young generation Y families
– complement the style of the business logo
– require no scrolling to see content except on the Services page only, which will offer show/hide paragraphs or some other text display/hide function


Structure and Content of the site

Main Pages
Home Page
About Us
Contact Us
Customer Bonus

Contact Us Success
e-Newsletter Success
Customer Bonus Success
Tell-a-friend Success


Home page will have a small amount of text and 2, 3 or more images
Services page will have a reasonable amount of text (1,200 words) and 1 or 2 images and will require scrolling. Some paragraphs will be hidden behind icons or show/hide buttons as appropriate.
About us page will have a small amount of text and 1 or 2 images
Contact Us will have a contact form, contact details and map
e-Newsletter will have a small amount of text, a sign-up box and 1 image
Customer Bonus will have a small amount of text with sign-up box
Tell-a-Friend will have a tell-a-friend script (we will provide this)

The Contact Us Success, e-Newsletter Success, Customer Bonus Success and Tell-a-friend Success will be a few lines of text only + 1 image


The site will be written in:
Adhere to current W3C Standard;
a CSS based (table-less) design.

Search Engine Optimization
Page ranking is important so you will be able to understand implement on-page SEO. SEO content (keywords) and tactics will be provided by us.


All content, including page titles, page copy and images will be supplied by us.


Provider Skills/Requirements
You will be able to demonstrate:
contemporary and creative web design skills and experience with designing for service business websites;
experience with coding for responsive (web 2.0) navigation, on-page SEO and page structures that can be easily edited and updated;
good communication skills; and
an ability to ALWAYS meet deadlines.

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