Product Configurator Design

Product Configurator Design

we plan to develop a product configurator and therefore we need a xhtml/css template.

Please check the attached mockup.

Header, Footer and Main Area are relative fix areas.

The popup area (where the user can select items to add) is a bit tricky because we need:

Between 1 and 6 popups (tabs, areas, however you want to call that…)
which are basically grouped on the right hand side – on page load, but each single area:

– can be moved (drag and drop) to a certain place on the screen
– can be collapsed and expanded on mouse click
– can be set back to default positon

We need a nice working way to change from one to another section, as each section is filled with small thumb pictures of product parts.

We just need the xhtml/css template, javascript for the animation ban be used, would prefer to use jquery, but everything is ok.

Must work in all major browsers.

No need to add any configurator functionalities, we need only the template and the popup/move logic.


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