Cool Ui Re-design

Cool Ui Re-design

We’re currently consulting for a fast-growing e-commerce company Payzeno Inc that runs a network of internet merchants at:

Since we’re always looking to improve for our clients, we’re looking for a UI/conversion expert for this one-time gig at re-designing this user interface to improve user experience.

Please do the following if you are interested in this gig:

1. Register an account at:
2, Login and then
3. Give us a critique of both the navigation bar AND the “Sell a Product” form … and how EXACTLY you propose your new design

Based on your new design sent via PM/bid, we will select the design idea/concept we like best and ask you to come implement it with us for that site.

Basic graphics and HTML skill is a must.

If there is a fit from this gig, there is longer-term contract potential as well.

Sincerely and Thanks

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