Website Redesign Prefer Flash

Website Redesign Prefer Flash
I need a website to be redesigned, preferably a flash site. I have been so busy lately and time is not on my side to do this. The current website is located here

One of my friends has kind of envisioned what the new website might look like; this is what he came out with – check it out:

I don’t like the RSS FEED he put there on the left, but I guess, I will see what you can do. I also don’t like what he did with the Navigation, but we will see how good you are:

There is enough ideas for you to play with. Let me know what you can do.



P/S: The site doesn’t have to be flash, but we prefer flash because you don’t have to keep on loading images, and pages will be opened mostly on the same page.

P/SS: The Navigation based on the sample site we created can be moved anywhere you want. We will allow you to use your creativity. (

P/SSS: We still want the banner at the top right corner from the original site to appear on the new site at exactly the same place.

If you don’t know how to create a top class site, please don’t respond to me. I am looking for someone who is GREAT at doing this. I am a designer too, so I can’t be fooled. I just don’t have time to sit down to do this.

I want to see samples of your work; I don’t mind paying good money to get this work done.

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