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Direct Sales Job is now hiring:

Thank you for your interest in working with CartHoster Solutions. We currently have several positions available on our Marketing Team for qualified individuals who are interested in making a full-time living marketing for CartHoster. Please note: Being on the Marketing Team of is entirely different from being a member of our Affiliate Program.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the CartHoster Marketing Team:
* Earn 75% Recurring Commission From Every Sale.
* Our Marketers Can Earn Up To $37,460 Every Month.
* Only Wait 45 Days After Each Sale To Be Paid Commission.
* Get your own CartHoster URL:
* Have access to your own CartHoster email address.

We do use the same tracking system for our Marketing Team as we do for our Affiliate Program. So, please familiarize yourself with the system so that you will know how to track your commissions and make withdrawals.

Becoming a part of our Marketing Team is an exclusive opportunity not only to join a quickly rising company, but also to build your reputation in the marketing world. You will be free to use any form of marketing you wish as long as it does not involve sending any form of spam from or your CartHoster email address. You will be working as an Independent Contractor for CartHoster Solutions and all payments will be sent via Paypal. You will be able to print out any needed receipts from for tax purposes. If you are living outside of the United States, you are still eligible to work for CartHoster Solutions and we would love to see your application as well.

There is only one requirement for all people on the Marketing Team – you must be able to make at least one sale every day. Although many of your probably find this humorous, you would be amazed at the amount of full-time marketers who cannot produce a single sale every day. At least one sale must be made every working day – Monday through Friday.

Commission/Payment Structure
You will earn $37.46 for every person you get to signup for hosting. As long as the person you refer continues to host with us, you will continue to earn $37.46 from them every month. You may get up to 1000 referrals in total – this means you would be making an average of $37,460 every month. You may request to be paid at any time; you do not have to wait until you have $100 in your account like our affiliates do. Once you make a withdrawal request, you will receive the money in your Paypal account within 24 hours. We use Paypal due to the fact that we have members on our Marketing Team from all across the globe.

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