Website Theme Design

Website Theme Design
I am rebuilding an existing website for a client and need a web designer to do the graphics. This is a business / financial themed website for a money manger who sells investment services.

It must be a fresh custom design, not an existing template – as the client wants the same color scheme as his existing website and his existing logo used.

I am a Front Page hack and designing professional looking web pages is just a bit beyond me. However I will be completing the website by building it in the frame/graphics that you design, by loading it into Front Page to insert all the text, headlines, and meta tags.

So what I need is one Home page completed, one blank page that I can just duplicate to create additional pages, one additional page with a performance graph imbedded (which is an image that will be taken from a pdf document), and a working web form page that emails to the domain address. I do not publish with Front Page, I use FileZilla for that so no worries about the web form format.

So that is a total of 4 pages completed including the blank page, but the web form page only needs the form and the performance graph page only needs the graph image and I will complete the rest.

The home page will need these two elements:

* Youtube video imbeddded
* Mini-version of the performance graph

Should be an easy job but I will need to show my client the design before I can give final approval and release escrow.

I will not reply to bot bids so please address the details of this project in your bid.

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