New Website Needed

New Website Needed

>>> Bid with peace of mind! I’ve selected “HIDE PROJECT BIDS” so nobody can see/ view your bidding price/ details <<<

I need a new website for promoting my phone apps. Here are two links to 65 cool sites that also promote phone apps. My new site should be as cool as them:

My site can be slightly different from one of those websites. Or, you can take a few of those websites’ concepts and mix them into one for my website.

My phone apps are photo albums for beautiful flowers/ animals. Nothing high-tech. I want my visitors to feel pleasant & comfortable.

I like to know:
1. What’s your suggestion for this project after you’ve visited those sites?
2. your best offer and what is included (SEO, etc.) in your service.
3. What makes you better than your competitors?
4. Your proudest achievements… I like to know.

And, if you have designed such website before, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Good communication is very important. Do not bid if you can’t communicate well or if you think you know everything in the world.

Take your time. Think and plan carefully for the best you can offer before you bid.


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