Design Features Needed To Site

Design Features Needed To Site
Hi All,

I am a marketeer and sales man, not a web techie, so please excuse me if I dont talk technically! I have attached a more detailed description of the required work, but the basicsare below…

I have bought a website; I have the domain; and a basic (wow is it basic!) layout for what I need.

However, I need some new features adding to the site to make it professional, sleek and create the business opportunities I require.

The site is designed for people to add listings when they want to rent or sell their property.

I need to:

– Change the Property search features – titles etc.
– Add an advanced search option – that has clever type options and picks up the locations from the datadbase
– Add a registration and login section so visitors can upload their own listings, and gain responses
– Change the mapquest location to Google locations to better identify the properties
– Look at adding chargeable areas, through paypal
– Add a discussion board

Possible extra work depending on costing:
Company logo design
Registering the site with all websites to ensure great search enine optimisation
Adding social networking buttons

My main competitor is a website called … Please take a look at their ‘property for sale’ and ‘property for rent’ sections. to give you an idea of what s required.

The site is run through

I hope this gives you an idea of what I need to get up and running.

Please do send any questions and I will do my best to help.



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