Logo And Header

Logo And Header
I own the website http://www.factstogetpregnant.com and require a very good logo and header for the same. The existing header is very drab and Need to change the look and feel of the complete site. I require the following

1) Logo for the main site. Something creative. See the logo from here http://www.mahalo.com/ – Its very nice. something like this. THe logo should give an image of nature, professional doctor.

2) One more logo/image which indicates the page where baby pictures are stored. Not the usual camera logo, but something different.

3) One logo which indicates to the page where baby names would be there. Say a logo for boys name and logo for girls name.

So in total require 3/4 logo and one header. Size of the header should be around 700 by 300 and the left and right ends should be faded in white background. Something like here http://www.article-rewriter-submission.com/

I would be requiring the photoshop files in psd format.

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