Site Turned In Flash

Site Turned In Flash
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this work. It must be done in less then 16 days.

Flash navigation and portfolio walls (or other display method) needed for content site.
Seller will take my html, Dreamweaver, or layout done in Fireworks pages, and provide “fly-in” style Nav bars, design thumbs which then can be expanded into “Gallery-Style” flash walls while moused-over, to approximately 7-8 main pages which then will have more of the same on the “child” pages, based on wireframe or flow chart I provide.

Seller also potentially will need to allow roll over on content that is b & w, and have it turn to color. Seller would agree to work collaboratively with Buyer to complete look of all Web Pages completed to the point that they are fully navigable and quick loading. Also Seller agrees that they will use “Best Practices” and are creating custom Flash Action Script, etc., to achieve a satisfactory result (or customized script previously created if fitting overall project)

Seller will also include meta tags provided from Buyer’s keywords on pages requested.

I will provide specs, content, Visio flow chart, sound for roll-overs and will get back navigable pages, .swf, and .fla files. Seller agrees to also integrate a CMS build so that content may be updated as needed by Buyer. I also wish a separate bid for a simple splash page incorporating my design elements.

You will need to modify the site anyway the client wants and install in the end.

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