Multiplication Test Java

Re-write online maths test

This is a simple java test page for the multiplication tables

We would like to expand it to include 11 x 2 and 12 x 2.

We would also like to double it in size so a second set of questions are asked for example if we ask what is 3 x 2 in the in question 1 in question 13 we would ask what is 2 x 3 ie same question just back to front.

The same task is required for the twos through to the 12 times tables.

We would like to modernise the look and feel as well to match our new web site: so the selected programmer will need to add some stylish buttons, make the answer boxes line up in a column, make a graphic for the roll over clue and get the alt tag to work properly etc. perhaps a border etc.

If that requires a re-write in another code, we are happy to see a price proposal.

All existing code will be supplied at the start of the project.

Test the page in the latest ie and firefox etc.

See the attached pdf for full details

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