Design Of 4 Web Pages

We have built a web application and we are looking for a designer to make it look pretty, more specifically we need 4 web pages/screens to be designed. The 4 web pages need to be delivered in sliced XHTML/CSS/JPEG/PNG that we can easily integrate into our application.

We have drawn detailed wireframes (using balsamiq) of the 4 web pages to be designed. I will share our design document with the wireframes in private to allow you to make an accurate quote. The 4 web pages involves a lot more html/css design and not much graphic design.

You are the contractor we are looking for if:

1. You can deliver quickly (we need the work to be delivered before the end of this week)
2. You have a flair for good UX
3. You can write re-usable, clean, compliant XHTML/CSS code that works in all browsers including IE6.
4. You can make a modern design (2.0 style).
5. You can demonstrate 2,3,4 through your portfolio.

If you are that person, we are looking forward to work with you.

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