Clean And Simple Website is a temporary page that i put up myself. now i want it fleshed out to a full website but i need it to maintain the same clean and simple look.

attached is a file that shows the different business areas of the company i.e. services and solutions. images will be required for some pages as appropriate. the site should not be cluttered but the maximum information should be available to a visitor within a few seconds of arriving at the landing page.

because there are so many solutions and services, a portion of the home page should be dedicated to featured services and solutions (which can change from time to time) as well as a news bar.

we have a support desk at which can be used for FAQs so that should be factored into the overall design. The page with SMS will carry a hyperlink to our SMS portal at

fast page loading and mature designs are important. i would like to see past jobs as well as mockups that will show that we understand each other perfectly.

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