Drupal/yum/css (v2)

YUI3, CSS, Drupal website

Looking for a creation of a website based on a basic-GUI concept which will be given to you.
CSS-Design, based on YUI3 (not YUI2) with some typical aspects.

Requirements (at least carried out results):

CSS/GUI related
– YUI Slideshow (e.g. http://freshcutsd.com/yui-slideshow/)
– font-size manipulation (e.g. http://www.sitepoint.com/examples/yui3-primer/)
– font-style (e.g. http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/)
– timer/progress bar
– e-mail form (contact form)
– tab-view / paginator (=part of yui-slideshow)
– accordion (foldable tables with different rows/columns)
– content switch (e.g. lower part of http://www.omniture.com/en/)
– ticker (content syndication e.g. Twitter, Firce)
more functional related (e.g. Drupal extensions)
– e-mail form (database driven contact form with e-mail function)
– preloading/caching of framed html-pages
– role based permission
– content syndication (ticker)
– multilingual, translation overview and process (same navigation), redirection if not translated
– easy project room (role based, file sharing, communication, timeline, …)
– Drupal based dynamic generated menu structure
– picture crop and medial library (e.g. Imagemagick and Brilliant Gallery)
– Edit-preview, this means during the edit-process it is possible to see the created site (incl. background picture, text layer, etc.)
some basic extensions
– Finder – to find nodes or other things (based on the values of a field)
– Google Analytics – web statistics
– Global Redirect – 301-redirect etc.; as well “Search 404”
– Counter – counting pages visits
– Boost – static page caching
– Node Reference URL Widget – It auto-populates a node reference field with a value from the URL
– Control Panel – graphical control panel page
– CAPTCHA/reCAPTCHA; and/or Mollom
– IMCE – picture DB
– Google Analytics – web statistics
– Content Access – Content-Access
– Link checker – extracts links from your content when saved and periodically tries to detect broken hypertext links

All features should be done by existing snippets/modules/extensions/scripts; you should name a useful combination of e.g. Drupal extensions. Some snippets should be easy (re)useable objects by the content creators = Drupal editor (e.g. accordion or other editable parts).
Please have a look at the first wireframes: http://gomockingbird.com/mockingbird/index.html?project=39241f8e60e75cbe44c30780fc55dfa4095b650b

The way we work (job term / milestones):
– Start
o Wireframe proposals incl. Drupal scenario and workflow (UML)
o discussion
o written concept, which defines the time line and steps incl. full technical description
– agreed concept incl. Wireframes // Milestone 1 (Payment: 10%) delivery date: __________ (around 3 weeks)
o building first raw/non detailed GUI-example / pitch (different proposals)
o proposal for Drupal extensions or specific functions (based on the concept as minimal functionality)
o prototyping
o discussion
o brief written definition which Drupal extensions or functions and final Design will be used (extends the written concept)
– agreed final decision which way to go // Milestone 2 (Payment: 10%) delivery date: __________ (around 2 weeks)
o development (agile methods), incl. testing of existing versions
o this stage is only finished after a full fix of errors
– final test on your own server // Milestone 3 (Payment: 50%) delivery date: __________ (around 4 weks)
o transfer/install on a root-server (incl. backup of current productive Centos-Server)
o final production test (test cases) + last corrections
o documentation (extent: common software development rules)
o final acceptance
– ready to go // Milestone 4 (Payment: 15%) delivery date: __________ (around 2 weeks)
o after one month operation small fixes (if occur)
– final project closure // Milestone 5 (Payment: 15%) delivery date: __________ (4 weeks)

The agreed Payment (without any additional expenses like travel reimbursement, health service, etc.) will be done via secure Escrow-Service, so you have the security to get paid and we get the expected results.
After acceptance of the satisfactorily delivered milestone we will release the defined percentage within 3 working days.
We – in the end – fully own the project results and hold all possible Copyrights (similar to: “made-for-hire”); not the Independent Contractor. The Independent Contractor transfers to the Client the copyright of the work described in this Agreement for the term of the copyright defined by law.
The Independent Contractor will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.
Contract termination will take place if the Independent Contractor or we do not respond within 7 days or do not comply with typical quality rules (full documentation, engineering practice, software development practice). Disputes will be managed by the Freelancer-Portal and/or in the end by Escrow-Service.

We need to see at least 2 Drupal sites on your own server AND the productive Server (so we can see it’s your work) and as well some YUI3 examples.
Also I would expect some comments on where you see the biggest stumbling blocks (incl. avoiding it) or some annotations regarding expected complexity and how to reduce.

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