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I need you to design the graphics in Photoshop for a physical course (which comes in a ringbinder with 5 DVDs and 1 CD) + the website side of things. (header plus banner-ads)

– the cover for a DVD. The DVDs have the DVD symbol on it. There is one piece of text (layer in photoshop) which indicates which module of the course it is. (you set it to “module X”, I then replace the X by 1..5)
– the cover for 1 CD (same as above, except an audio-CD symbol instead of DVD symbol). The text “module X” is replaced by “audio-files” (again, I can easily do this, you just make sure the text is in a layer I can modify)

The dimensions for the CDs/DVDs are: 4.75″x4.75″ (1425px x 1425px) where the CD diameter is 116mm outside and 23mm inside. Please do NOT put the 116mm/23mm markers in there, the fulfillment house will do this, i.e. the artwork needs to go slightly beyond those boundaries)

– the front, spine and back of a physical folder. The dimensions are:
10.75″ x 11″ front and back, spine 2.25″ x 11″

– the header for a website, dimensions 800px x 175 px

– 3 web-banners (give me quotes for static and animated): 468 x 60, 125 x 125, 120×600

the graphics are all the same theme, you just have to make adapt them for the individual context.

The title of the project is “Resolution Repair” (will be on, so the website should appear on pretty much all pieces of content)and it is a productivity course. My name is “Dr Veit U.B. Schenk” which should appear as well where appropriate
(Dr Veit U.B. Schenk’s ResolutionRepair) — the focus is obviously on the product name.

The target audience is people who are into energy healing/spirituality/connection — they suffer from the fact that they have access to all kinds of healing techniques, but they’re not using them on a regular basis and as a result don’t get healed. Please do not make it too specific to energy healing, as this also appeals to others who may be into life-coaching, hypnosis etc.

But the overall theme going on is probably one of harmony, wanting to achieve great things/help others/connect BUT having that frustration of having habits that are stopping them from going forward, taking massive action and reaching a large audience.

just think of all those New Year’s resolutions and then the frustration when not achieving them once again….

The physical folder can be black or white, so you can design the folder covers around that.

I’ll leave the design up to you, however if you decide to bid for it, I’d like to get an idea of *roughly* what you have in mind, possibly point me to some pieces of your work (or what others have done) so I can decide whether your style fits with what I have in mind. I’m not asking you to create the design, but I need an idea of what direction you’re going to take.

the deliverable is photoshop PSD files (in a format I can open in CS, not CS2, not sure if there’s a difference)

any questions, fire away


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