Office Add-in Writeups Needed

Office Add-in Writeups Needed
I need to get a lot of full page write-ups with graphics on add-in products for Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access. Your bid should be for development of 5 such pages. I plan to offer private scriplance jobs to not only the bid winner but also to 4 other job posters and evaluate the results so that an additional 200-400 write-ups can be developed by the best writers. We will provide the products and their urls to be written up.

Web pages that are better optimized for search engine rankings will be preferred. English must be well written.

Write-ups must be written by you, and not a copy and paste of the text on the the product’s page or any other internet page. We will do a test for such, and if so, no payment will be made for any work.

Pages would be simple html with graphics of the products. Minimum of two graphics illustrating the product, 2 paragraphs and 150 words(per Microsoft Word count). Top of writeup would be a listing providing the following (excluded from the word count).

Company name:
Company location:
Support phone number:
product web page:

Output would be a zip file containing the html and graphs that we can then load to our site. Each product writeup should be in its own sub folder.

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