Visual Dashboard For Kpis

Visual Dashboard For Kpis
Hey guys,

I’m looking for somebody who can program a visual dashboard similar to igoogle’s or other web dashboards that have drag and drop support.

the dashboard will take it’s data from a file or xml or will be inputed by the user via a control panel – we can speak about this.

it needs to have 3 columns like igoogle.

on the left column there will be 3 boxes.
Box 1 – displays 2 trackers like a battery indicator of how much % is still left in the project
Box 2 (below box1) – displays a picture
Box 3 (below box2) – displays a few key performance indicators

middle column will be a timeline/calendar with what actions are next for the projects, who is responsible for them, what their due date is and a color code..

right column has 2 boxes
box 1 displays a short history of the company
box 2 (below box1) – shows a list of priorities for the next months.

If you bid on this project you need to
– be able to build a nice, beautiful dashboard with drag and drop functionality
– know how to create dashboard controls that look like battery indicators or speed-meters
– know how to create charts from an array of data

If you have built dashboards before, please indicate that in your bid and give me a link so i can see them.. Previous experience is preferred although not required!

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