Social Networking Marketing

Social Networking Marketing

>>> BID WITH CONFIDENCE! I’ve selected “HIDE PROJECT BIDS” so nobody will be able to view your bid on this project 🙂

I need Social Networking Marketing solutions for promoting phone apps on a website.

This is something completely new to me & I’m not sure what to expect. Please suggest the best proposals/ ideas that you have.

Please answer these three questions:
1.1 Which formula/ strategy will you recommend for the best result?
1.2 And why?
2.1 Should I use twitter/ facebook/ others/ etc/ or a mix of them?
2.2 And why?
3. What is the expected result of your plan? How can I know/ measure it?

One key aspect is to attract “relevant” followers.

I’m looking for programmer with most creative idea. It needs to be done properly as I don’t want to take any risk of getting banned.

This project is listed for 14 days. So you can take your time, plan and PMB me the best strategy/ formula that you have.

Thanks and happy bidding.

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