Website Redesign – Xhtml/css

We need a graphic / web designer who could redesign an existing website. Here are the requirements:

* Can write clean XHTML / CSS
* Will work and look the same on all major browsers (FF, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Chrome, Safari)
* Has experience on English / Arabic websites
* Flash is not needed
* Ajax functionality on some part is needed
* We will select the one who can send a very good design draft first (image only)

What we need from the winning bidder:
* Exceptional design that can be translated to
* Clean and validated codes in XHTML / CSS
* and all the related PSD files from you

We will send the website details that needs to be redesign to selected bidders only. If we didn’t send you the work details that either means your bid is too high or we think you can’t do the job well.

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