New Website Needed For Webhost

New Website Needed For Webhost

I’m starting a brand new webhosting business and need a website created, consisting of just 2 pages initially – the first being the home page, the second being a generic page I can re-use for subsections of the website, such as FAQ, terms and conditions, About Us section etc etc.

I would like the website to have the following features:

– Not cluttered, heavy website. Needs to be quick loading.
– Control Panel login section
– Emphasis on the fact it is free hosting, but nothing over the top like “best hosting ever, greatest hosting in the world” etc. Dont want it to look like an infomercial.
– Sections to register a new domain, to sign up for free hosting, and to sign up to paid hosting (which has some extra benefits)
– Not to corporate looking. Dont want a bloke in a suit holding a briefcase staring back at me.
– Must be professional looking – not a cartoony feel.
– Should be light coloured… not dark and grey

Potentially a cross between the following websites:

Unfortunately I’m about as creative as a concrete slab so thats the best way how I can describe what I want it to look and feel like.

However prepared to pay for the **awesomeness** factor, which would be like having a hot blonde chick working as a receptionist for a large company. First impression has to be good.

The website URL will be, which I guess would double as the business name!

This doesn’t have to be 100% unique either. Just has to look great.

Would be great if the website is coded, although just the graphics would be fine if the layout/design is awesome.

There are some pretty good ready-made templates out there for less than $100 or so, although none of them have really jumped out at me. I’m looking for that elusive something that will catch my eye. So any links to previous work / portfolios would be great 🙂

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