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Kick Apps Site

I’m willing to pay $300-350 for this work. It must be done in 22 days or less. I usually choose someone within the first few days, so please respond to messages on here today and tomorrow.

My client is looking for a developer to design a new site for a non-profit utilizing the Kick(remove_this)Apps social media platform. Job to include:

1) secure Membership management
2) Content management( video/pdf/potheyrpoint repository)
3) E-commerce capability
4) Group calender functions

amongst other capability featured by the Kick(remove_this)Apps platform.

Developer should have familiarity with the platform and preferably some examples of work on the platform.

So they are trying to develop a site that can service a group of physicians in training- specifically for pediatricians working in neonatal intensive care. I run a group in California that provides educational seminars for these young doctors. The aim of this site is:
1) connecting theses doctors via social networking
2) providing educational components to them- videos, PDF, potheyrpoint presentations
3) promotion of our organization and a yearly conference they put on.

There some examples to look at:
1) – this is an pharmaceutical industry site geared to families and doctors
2) http://www.nicuni(remove_this) another site for fellows education but not very user friendly
3) http://www.neon(remove_this) – another site used for resources and job boards
4) http://www.a(remove_this) – from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the gold standard.

I’d like to combine many of these concepts with a much more user friendly interface which the Kick(remove_this)fApps platform provides. What they are looking for:
1) initial look and feel to our site- I think they need some sort of logo or some direction
2) I like to use some of the KickApps exisiting sites as templates
b. www.asc(remove_this)

these have almost all the features they’re looking for: membership section,calendar,links social networking

Most of the architecture already includes the wish-list below but just wanted to make sure they can deliver this in the first go-round of development.

This site will be a aimed at the younger physicians working with our professional organization. While a key function will be physician management and social collaboration, the site will require
1) A repository for digital content:
a. User-Generated video content- directly from training programs
b. Digital images(X-rays/Echos/Ultrasounds/MRI)
c. ability for theyb-cast conferences – grand rounds/morning reports
d. ability to include developed educational content- Specialty based Q&A with top physicians in the field.
e. potheyrpoint repository for lectures

2) Most importantly they have a clinical” Manual of Care” that they are trying to promote and have ease of use on the site.. All it is is a pdf. A functional version of this pdf will need to be made for the site on the site( such as easy flip through and they’d like it to be able to be opened on smartphones).

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