Redesign Website/logo Ii

Redesign Website/logo Ii
I am looking for a QUOTE to “redesign” my LOGO, and current website ( in a user-friendly CMS program, to be more “sophisticated” in a “blog format”, have more pictures…as well as creating many other changes to ATTRACT more buyers to my website.. yet, keeping it lighthearted and fun.

I would be curious, and open, to any suggestions that you may have to make the site more professional, and “shopper friendly.” I am currently also trying to pitch Stores, so I would want to be as appealing as possible, and have it be a great “selling tool.” (Also, possibly adding a “Wholesale” Button for Stores to click on with a PDF with all the products/wholesale pricing to make it easier for them to view.)

As far as products on the Home page… I would change that to only have the Pillowcases and the Mugs as products available at this time.

I am also looking to be able to get “into” the website myself, in order to make any changes needed,… be able to write things should I choose, as far as a blog,… and have customers be able to write reviews… (I use a MAC computer – I don’t know if this makes a difference with how you’re designing the site, for me to “get in.”)

With the PRESS/ARTICLES, I would need them to be more VIEWER-freindly, once clicked on. I would also like to add a “Store Locator” button, and list the stores that currently carry my products, a “Follow me on Facebook” button, etc…

I am also requesting a separate quote to re-design my current Packaging Labels for my Pillowcases and Mugs (shown on my website), as I am considering that. They would need to be designed 4 to a page in a Word document, or some program that I can do editing if necessary. (I can provide measurements for this if I decide to move forward.)

Having said all of the above… I AM on a definite budget.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

I truly appreciate your time.

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