E-commerce Web Site

E-commerce Web Site

I need someone to complete a project started by the Scriplance programmer listed below who abondoned the project soon after recieving the complete payment:


The above listed programmer left disappeared soon after recieving the complete payment for the project.

The un-complited web address is www.country5.com. I need someone to complete the webdesign and help me (littereture and steps by steps methods)understand how to update the website by myself.

The payment portal will be my PayPal link. I will provide the digital photos of the products. The provider has to figure out how to receive the digital photos from me. This e-commerce web site is for an African food items. I expect lots of order through the site. The web site will be promoted heavily. The provider has to make the web site flexible enough for me to update and load new products at will without necessarily hiring another programmer.Please contact me if further details and information is needed.

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