Edirectory Theme Design

Edirectory Theme Design

I’m looking for a designer to create a full theme to be used with eDirectory 7. The theme should be for a web site that is to be listing mainly restaurants, bars, clubs, but also cinemas, theaters, etc.
The design should look modern, should be original and professional looking. The images of the header as well as the individual listing should be made for the corresponding site’s name.
The name of the site should be TimeOut.BG (with some very simple symbol infront like a logo).

I will expect some mockup to be presented before a designer is chosen. Once chosen the money will be transferred to an escrow account, when the designer is supposed to send the ready theme for eDirectory (could be with water marks) for testing purposes. Once the theme is approved we will expect to get the theme without water marks, as well as the source PSD file.

All copyright of the design should be owned by us and the designer should provide us with a scanned declaration that we own the theme and that he/she hasn’t used any materials that are illegally used.

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