Logo-clothing Design

Logo-clothing Design
We are starting a new clothing line and we need a quiet few design. First we like to have a main company/website logo. Two types; one is with 3 letters (RBD) and one with the two main characters.
One is Red bull and the second one is red bulldog. The website is www.redbulldogs.me (it is not up yet).
I think the two characters are facing to each other and you can set the tone what kind of mood they are.
I think the bull is in the right and the bulldog in the left. Maybe they are intimidating each other!!!??
Later on we will need design for labels, marketing materials, and designs for the clothing (T-shirts, hoodies, Truck suits, underwear, socks, jeans, jackets and so on.
The main characters must be very unique, one of a kind, no clipart and any other BS.
Dominating colors should be: red, black and you can pick what you think is proper.
We give you total freedom to create these characters. Now here is a chance for you to let your imagination fly free like a bird or run like a wild bullļ.
I try to emphasize; we not trying to copy any other design but you can get some idea from Ed Hardy.
We have some similar concept but as I mentioned everything is depend on your talent. Don¡¦t forget, this is clothing line and constantly will updated with different clothing (T-shits, truck suits, jackets) and you will be busy for a next while if you put 110% effort in to it. We are not cheap (however the budget is always short), we will pay a fair compensation for you but you must (please) show your talent.
We will work with you every step in the future to help accomplish the project. The time frame for the main characters are maximum 5 days and later we can change or adjust if need it. The website is coming very soon and at least we like to put the main characters on the site.
I think $50 is fair for the first character (RBD) and another $50 for the second (red bull and bulldog).
We will pay via paypal. The payment is not an issue for us as you see on our feedbacks.
Please let us know what do you think and provide some earlier references. We prefer some raw mockups first to make sure we are on the same page.

Thank you and good luck.

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