Site Design Html 2

Site Design Html 2
I have a people search script developed that needs a face to put to it. Please take the following:

I would like a design around this search form and placed on Search will use the available search criteria in the existing form. No scripting changes needed just HTML or layout design only please.

I’m not looking for flash or asking for any fancy graphic work. Just a professional looking search form with some content that talks about the flexibility of the search. If you have free graphics you can use them but not wanting to purchase graphics. This is a free search with no ads and I don’t want to invest a great deal in design.

I do not need a membership section or anything more than a nice looking front end to the script and form. I think this form could be presented in a better way. I’m just not a designer and have no talent in this area. I’m not asking for any links on the page now to be fixed, just remove them please and make a decent looking search. =)

Thank you for your consideration.

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