Us Emails

Us Emails
Technoworld magazine is about to be launched in all the sub urban areas of Canada, Ahambra and california.
We require about 1000 emails of webdesigners, web promoters, web-outsourcers, logo/graphic designers, Seo experts etc.
Almost everyone who is active in webdesign fields.
We have 3 levels of subscription to technoworld. The magazine is based on website design and maintenance. The winning bidder will not only get the bid amount but also 10% of the amount received through subscriptions, which come from his emails. So mind it, that if there are any fake or repeated emails, you’ll lose your funds.

We have our own email marketers, and payment will be done only after confirmation that no emails are repeated. We have been duped once by a programmar on SL “etech” from whom we received around half repeated emails
Happy Bidding!
Max: 200 USD

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