Refactor Jquery Or Css On Ror

Refactor Jquery Or Css On Ror
I have an existing application that works well but needs some refactoring. It has Ruby on Rails on the server side and JQuery on the front end. It currently runs on Windows using Webrick. You likely will have to work on Windows.

There are 2 main tasks:

1. Refactor CSS
The CSS for the RoR templates is spread over serveral files. Layout looks good on FF and IE8, but has some problems on IE6/7
a)Clean CSS without any changes in appearance, preferable in one or two files.
b) Short, clear comments for each section.
c) validated html
c) Tested on FF, IE8/7/6.

2. Refactor Javascript/JQuery
There is a folder browser in the application done in JQuery, and a couple of other JQuery things (drag/drop). Most JS is in application.js and in a separate file for the file browser.
a) refactor JQuery code into 1 or 2 files with clear organization
b) turn some post requests into GET
c) a small extension for the folder browser, will be detailed later

I am looking for someone very ORGANIZED with a sense for clear structures.

I will consider using 2 contractors for this job.
So if you think you are very good with CSS, but don’t know JQuery, please apply. The same is true the other way around.

There is no or little actual work in RoR. You need basic RoR skills to make everything work, but if you don’t have a whole lot experience, that’s fine.

Let me know what your strength is, JQuery or CSS

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