Simple Corporate Website

Simple Corporate Website
KhushKimet is a family foundation to support our family.
The purpose of the website is to further our effort to support our family – educating members about our effort, and further raising funds.

Simple homepage – large image

Each page MAY have several sub-pages.
• About the Foundation
• Executive Committee
• Programs & Project
• Grant Guidelines
• Get Involved
o Form
o Incorpororate PayPal payment
• Contact Us
• New
• Blog – tell me which one you will use and incorporate
Should be able to add new pages with a standard template easily with ease to add to menu

We prefer not to use Sub Menus; we are considering the use of a second menu on the left header (and the body is actually embedded in a “sliding pane” component) example: Another slider example:
Simple website – with Open Source CMS, but tell me why you picked it.

Strong Home Page – main element will be basic flash slide show

Must have a disciplined CSS approach.

Show me example website of a similar build / or element you would recommend using.

You must have experience not just with web programming BUT web development and design as well.

Please add the name KhushKismet to your bid.

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