Tshirt Website W/design Module

Tshirt Website W/design Module
Good day…
I just recently started my company. We specialize in creating custom tshirts for willing customers. We also would like to offer customers the ability to create their own tshirts. We are looking for a website to be built along with an intergrated Tshirt design module. Here are some key points and by all means, if i have left something out please ask whatever info you require:
1. The site (if possible) can be relatively blank so its open to my customization.
2. The most important for our customers is the Shirt Design Module that will allow them to choose shirt style, color and desired design and purchase from there. Similar to sites like zazzle.com or spreadshirt.com. This too, should be open to my customization. (Flash/java/HTML)
3. customers will be purchasing from the site so there needs to be the availability for intergration of a payment gateway.
4. Again, i do not have a huge budget so the site does not have to be big, but just enough to add the module and a couple (customized enabled) pages for the designs.

We are open to any suggestions you may have. We are open to different payments solutions but prefer to do half when the project starts and 2nd half on completetion.

Thank you very much.

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